China (Shenzhen · Longhua) – The Netherlands (Utrecht) Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Meeting

The Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Longhua District (Shenzhen) would like to extend their warmest invitation to NCBC members to
participate in the Economic & Trade Cooperation Seminar between Shenzhen-Longhua district (China) and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. The attendees will include practitioners and related industrial associations in the fields of fashion, design art and high-tech industries. The meeting will take place on March 21st 2023 at Utrecht, and will include interactive sessions covering a range of topics such as industry trends, innovation, best practices, and most importantly, the constructive support policies toward future cross-border collaborations. The sessions will also provide opportunities for networking and sharing experiences among the participants.

They are excited to inform you that Shenzhen Longhua officials have drawn special attention to the Fashion industry. With the local government’s significant initiative to catalyze the growth of fashion industries in the region, The Dalang Fashion Town was established in 2017 as a center of creative design and fashion. The district has taken a comprehensive approach to support the fashion industry, providing space, basic facilities, financial resources, creative and academic human capitals, and new technologies involving branding and marketing strategies. Furthermore, the collaborative environment fostered by The Dalang Fashion Town is an exciting opportunity for industry players to learn and collaborate with one another. The government’s efforts to create a sustainable socio-ecological environment for the fashion industry in the region is indeed commendable.

This meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for all participants to share experiences, establish meaningful connections and explore collaborative opportunities. The meeting aims to facilitate the exchange of culture, technology, knowledge, and resources. As part of the meeting, they also offer opportunities to sign a constructive collaboration memorandum that will outline the goals and objectives of the collaboration between the two sides.


March 21st, 2023


Jaarbeursplein 6, 3503 RM, Utrecht

How to register

Send an email to (please mention your NCBC membership)